who are we?

we believe in storytelling.

Storytelling will change the world, for better or for worse. We have all seen what bad storytelling can do – self-mongering authors have too oft misguided the masses, villainized our heroes, and stolen our memories. On the contrary, good storytelling can inject color into a grayscale world, unite the strangest of strangers, and heal wounded souls. The pen has power.

storytelling is art.

The delivery of the message must be good as the message itself. It will not suffice to merely have a riveting story, we must seek to communicate it with a paralleled passion and finesse. When truth meets creative expression, our chef-d’oeuvres can captivate the most calloused of consciences. When memories mingle with music, we mesmerize even the most mundane of mortal minds. When perspective intersects poetry, our stories shake and move the stars. Storytelling is magic.

We are the Raconteurs and we are in the business of making such magic. Composed of an eclectic array of talents, the Raconteurs is a collective of poets, wordsmiths, and creative liars bent on exploring and harnessing the power of storytelling.

Hailing from the vibrant city of Long Beach, California, our humble society of writers seeks to discover stories worth telling and to polish our craft of articulating them to the world. We want to forge art that will make you dream. We wish to intrude your imagination with wonder and inspire you to discover truth in a world of fiction. As you peruse our gallery and enter our stories, our hope is that you will find and tell your own.

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