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thinking about joining the Raconteurs?

So maybe you felt something while reading our mission statement – a wave of internal, emotional nerd-out, or a quiver  of”yes-ness” down your spine because the planets in both our souls aligned. Maybe your heart for storytelling is as impassioned as our own. Maybe you’ve got a hand at telling stories yourself.

Cool. We want to meet you.

what we look for

The Raconteurs is a place to share secrets. A rendezvous to trade memories. Our community comprises lyricists, dream architects, world builders, fairytalers, and the like. A bunch of weirdos, if we’re being frank. Messy, imperfect people bearing the marvelous burden of making sense of life.

Most people use self-improvement articles or inspirational, personal growth books. We prefer to use magic and daring literature.

We want to recruit brave artists who will courageously tell their stories through risky, experimental writing. Writing that slows down time. Expressive and meaningful prose that challenges and bends our minds. Poetry that plays with form as much as it plays with our emotions. Inventive short stories that we willingly lose ourselves in.

Still interested? Awesome.
There’s a good chance we will want to partner with you. If you want to write for us, fill out the form below and we’ll contact you shortly. We would love to start dialogue and process your piece with you.

We are looking forward to hearing your stories!