Jiggly Wiggly Squiggle | ScottGrogin

For the past 30 years I marked off every day in my calendar with the same stroke,
a diagonal line spanning from the bottom left corner of the the box to the top right.
Over 10,000 times I drew the exact same line. I wrote no events, no due dates, and no birthdays. The lines weren’t counting to anything. There was no purpose in them.

I had never really thought about how useless the lines were until this morning. Today, for some reason, when I got to my desk and checked my calendar, I saw that someone else had already marked it. In place of my usual diagonal line there was a purposeful, squiggly waveform going from the top left corner of the box to the bottom right. The curves and scribbles were a written language that didn’t exist before today, but from the moment I saw those wiggles I knew what the waveform said. This jiggly wiggly squiggle was calling me out, and it read.

“Isn’t that enough already? Do something that matters!”

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