Broken Leg | ScottGrogin

One day I was walking around town with nowhere in particular to go.
Aimlessly walking, enjoying the sun’s warmth, enjoying the sounds
of the town. It was a bit boring having nothing to do, but it was also comforting
knowing that there was nothing I was responsible for not messing up. After some time
of walking around a man came up to me and asked “Do you need any help?”

I thought he was one of those people that gets bothered when they see others
with nothing to do so I sharply replied “No, I am just enjoying the atmosphere,
please, leave me alone, i’m not here to cause trouble or anything like that.”

“That’s not what I meant.”

“Well then what did you mean?”

“Your leg, it bends and bows sideways when you walk, well,
it’s more like a limp really, and it’s discolored. It’s broken.
Let me get you to a hospital.”

I looked downward to see what he was talking about and sure enough it was as
he described, bending, bowing, and discolored. I angrly looked back up at him and
yelled “I think I would know if my leg was broken!”

He replied, “Please, listen to me, it’s broken, let me get you a doctor or something!”

“No, i’m fine, I was fine before you came along and started accusing me of having a
broken leg, and I’ll be fine, no, I’ll be more than fine once you are out of my

I then furiously walked, well, it was more like limped really, back home.

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