Prius City | Mopey Optimist

8CF01785-3B17-4736-ABF2-39420D5491C7Everyone in town had a Prius.

Everyone in town loved their Prius. It was a magic little car that charged its own battery when it went downhill.

Prius drivers began looking for the hilliest streets in the city to coast down. Weee! What fun it was to save money on gasoline this way, and it seemed like it was good for the planet too somehow.

Before long, the happy Prius drivers asked the city planners to make more hills in the city so they could charge their Prius battery all the time, because it was good for Mother Earth (or something like that).

The kind, helpful construction companies were all too happy to do it, especially with their new tax cuts voted on by the city’s many happy Prius owners.

The city became a loopy-slidey-hilly metropolis, with buildings clustered on the tops of the new Prius-friendly mountains, and long sloping half-pipes for the Prius drivers to charge their eco-batteries.

The Prius drivers were mostly happy. There was just one problem: they had to drive UP the hill, which wasted expensive fossil fuel gas!

“No problem!” Said the CEOs from the oil companies. “We will build ski-lifts for you so your Prius can get to the top of the hills– we call them Pri-Lifts™!”

Hooray! Now every Prius driver in the city was happy. The city was soon covered with Pri-Lifts to carry every happy earth-friendly Prius driver to the top of whatever hill they wanted to go, without ever needing to refuel their gas tank! For a small fee, which the Prius drivers happily obliged to pay.

Nevermind that the Pri-Lifts all ran on nasty old oil, because the Prius drivers felt like they were saving money–and the planet!

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