Zombiefied | not just any Beth

write a story about your first smartphone, in 500 words or less.
bonus points if you use the language you text in!

Freshman year of college
I gave a speech in Communications about my number one pet peeve

iPhone zombies

This term encompassed anyone who was obsessed with their smartphone, androids included.

I had a trac phone. No apps, no touch screen, no internet, and extremely limited minutes.
I was fine with my old school phone because I was ALIVE.

Not a zombie like everyone else.

I could still hold conversations without checking instagram.
I could still walk around campus with my head held high and smile at strangers.
I could still notice the sun and flowers radiating unfiltered beauty.

Of course being like everyone else could be appealing.

Fitting in and all that.

Whatevs. I couldn’t have one even if I wanted it.

Which I don’t.
I insisted.

As the year went on, I started making friends.
I started making a TON of friends! Live and zombie both.

All of the sudden my inbox was full.

I had never been in an atmosphere of such social potential before.
But I needed my phone to keep up this addicting constant flow of extravert energy.

Minutes were dwindling.

It got to the point where I had to tell my friends to only send me one word texts so that I would not have to use precious minutes to open them. Unfortunately, they didn’t always arrive in the correct order and I couldn’t see who they were from.

My inbox:

I’d turn on my laptop, log on to facebook, and group message the homies:
“Wait what? One of you needs white paint?”


one day I was hanging out in Tyler’s dorm room—
Tyler was one of my new iPhone zombie friends

He was like,
“You should really get a new phone”

I was like,
“Yeah right, tell that to my dad!”

I’ve got about 2min left for the month and my dad calls.

He was like,
“We’re gonna get you a new phone when we come to Long Beach tomorrow.”


As soon as we leave the MetroPCS store, I grasp my new LG smartphone and send Tyler the following 8 texts:









I didn’t look up from that shiny, sleek, plastic protected touch screen until all my contacts have been entered and everyone had been informed of my new number and social status.

And in the blink of an eye I’m on my 3rd smartphone

Yeah I go there once a week but I’ll gps it just in case.
If I don’t snap Sami in 10 min we will lose our streak!
Haha Liana paid Elaine “for bootay” on venmo.
Bathroom break! Perfect time to train my troops so we can clash those clans.

I never really thought I’d survive the zombie apocalypse. Better to be bitten than live in fear. That’s my motto.

I write other things too! Read them!

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