the baton | jackson ethier

Hey The Man,

After thinking of those friendships I can invest my time in after college, as I think of the people I can support and gain support from, I made a list.

Going through the nuances, the small moments, the little things. Thinking deeply about the times where I would reach out in hopes of comfort.

There were times where you were able to do so. To listen and care.

Simpler times I guess.

Problems became more important than friendship.

My friendship with you had become listening to dial tones and watching a set of dots blink as I waited for your effort to come through.

Then out of the blue, I was asked to be your best man. I didn’t even know you were dating someone.

I complied.

As I began writing the speech and thinking about the highlight reel of our friendship, I was overwhelmed with nostalgic retrospectives.

It almost felt like we could make it work.

But we couldn’t. The speech turned into a goodbye letter.

Our immature adventures, our current stage of life and where I saw our friendship headed.

I chose my words carefully.

“Now, I pass the baton of friendship to your wife.” I said.

The baton passed and with it, our time as close friends…or even friends.


Good luck and I hope your wife feels listened to and care for.



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