unfamiliar friend | sami case

i’m sure it’s true, that you can only keep in contact with a handful of people after college, but this prompt was harder than i thought it would be.

picking the person
thinking about who i won’t be able to give my time to
in a few months
in a year

is hard.

every time i think of a person, it feels like it’d be hard not to keep in contact with them. but the working world hasn’t got a hold of me yet, and i guess i can’t know until it has.

is it bad that i’m writing you this letter?
i’m not trying to be coded, i’m sure you’ll know it’s for you.

but does this make it worse, knowing that i’m not going to try very hard to be your friend?

would you call this a goodbye?

dear XXXXXX,

when i think of you, i think of classic college experiences: late nights and underaged drinking.

we spent that one night at the beach, running around, playing with fire, excitement when the flames finally lit.

and not that it should be condoned,
but we played beer pong at your apartment, and avoided the fact that you were underage, and it is a moment that has stuck.

i thought you were like thirty when i first met you.
but that’s only because you’re tall, had a beard, and knew about computers.

turns out, you were younger than me.
that was weird.

we became friends pretty fast. you’re easy to talk to, and we have a lot of the same interests, music and hobby wise.

we spent the boat ride back from spring conference talking about the beatles, twilight and other things i can’t remember.

we’ve had significant moments.

but somewhere along the way they stopped happening.

it feels like you were just someone i was meant to spend random time with.

a filler friend
now unfamiliar,

you were someone for me to hang out with while i was exiting my comfort zone.

not insignificant,
not unimportant

but not here anymore, either.

sorry friend,


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