the 6th | not just any Beth

Dear 6th,

They said I could only have 4-5 after college. Of course I chose 5. I’m an extrovert. I want more but it’s impossible they say.

So, dearest 6th, maybe we can’t stay in touch after college and maybe we can’t have the closeness we once did but that doesn’t make any of our memories or the wisdom you taught me any less valuable.


You never hesitated to point out my strengths and when it came to my weaknesses, you cushioned the blow with tacos. Always my role model for wisdom and mentor when it felt like no one else cared. I felt like one of the cool kids when you let me in your friend group and that sense of belonging continues because you showed me that true belonging is with Jesus.

You are the best debriefer.

I might need to debrief with you about writing this letter actually.

But can I? Will you have time? Will I have time?

I want you to know 6th, I will always make time to catch up with you if you’re down. That’s what hanging out will be from now on—catching up.

It was an honor to be a supporting character in your college story (and a blip in your love life lol) and I am forever grateful to you for giving my story some much needed character development.

Love, Beth

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