Dear __________, | Toby Van Der Veer

Dear __________,

It’s been nearly 7 years since we last talked.  How are you? Remember how we died in class together? It’s been a crazy 7 years since we last talked regularly. You didn’t miss much back home other than high school drama but damn life after high school has been a crazy journey.  I wish you were here so I could tell you everything.

I miss those times when we shared our pain in our failed love lives and died together during practice. Remember how you were kind of against me relying on God? Well I became a Christian two years ago and it’s honestly been a life giving experience. I have so many beautiful friendships that I rarely ever had back in high school. I hope you have meaningful friendships too because you deserve it. Also, don’t take crap from perverted guys anymore. Your future hubby better treat you with respect or else I’m flying over there and kicking his ass out (and possibly yours out of disappointment). Just kidding. But seriously though, don’t take crap from perverted guys.

I still think about you once in a while. Sometimes I think about trying to hit you up again on Facebook in the hopes that maybe we can reconnect someday.  But I guess I wasn’t that important to you back in the day.  Only after a few years did I notice the few Facebook pictures of you and your old friends hanging out during your visits back home. Why didn’t you ever call me? You probably forgot about me; I feel like most people do. After all, I was that quiet, average kid that people seldom trusted in group projects, that people ignored during practice, and that was seldom invited to parties. I guess I had my hopes up. You probably wouldn’t even recognize me anymore if we walked by each other on the street. It’s crazy how time can make strangers out of friendships huh?

I hope life is treating you well old friend.


Toby Van Der Veer

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