Opt (In/Out) | Mopey Optimist

Those early mornings in the car
My father would turn off NPR
When they went “too far”
With his passing remark another tragedy reduced,
Its blame anyone’s fault
But ours.

Opt out.

Multiethnic, I got A-plusses on my model minority reports
Privileged and milquetoast like golfing in Wii Sports
The only picket line my family’s behind
Is the white picket fence we hide behind.
When people talk race I can get a word in
But once brothers and sisters start hurtin
I Tyler Durden to a lighter burden,
A whiter burden
That lets me walk out,
Lets me opt out,
Lets me cop out when there’s cops out.

I’m okay
To the friends who have tension
Can’t you amend your dissention?
Suspend your constant mention of systemic detention?

Can’t you opt out like me?

But then I opt in.

Im dropped into a war zone,
Seeds of hatred and fear and more sewn into the earth, giving birth
To yield not a level playing field
But mountains contrasted with hard packed dirt.

The red blood trickles onto black asphalt , black kids at fault
for nothing more than buying skittles at the store
And the spirit of Injustice roars, awoken, as broken taillights make families broken
They smash the lights out because the back left light’s out
And mothers cry out as children bleed out,
The wail of sirens drowns the their wailing screams out.
A cacophony of anthologies of stories that don’t belong to me.
Libraries of lives denied print without an apology.

Can’t you opt out?

No matter, white and Asian
Only Holy Spirit ablations can remove hard tissue
Around this heart issue in our nation
Carotid arteries clot, I try to figure out where to start
My head and my heart are still miles apart.

There’s pages I’m missing,
Whole volumes to be filled in.
Maybe this isn’t my story.
But I’ll sit at your feet
And listen.

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