Character Monologue | sami case

I have a loving family. I’m the middle kid, so not a lot of attention is thrown my way, but enough to make me not want to be home much. I usually spend my nights like this, walking around the sidewalks of our modestly mid-sized town until it gets dark. It’s the beginning of July, so that must mean it’s around 9:00 right now. Not a lot of other people are out. It’s too hot during the day, so people tend to stay inside their air conditioned homes during the day, and don’t come out for the cool nights. I don’t walk with anyone else; I like to have this time to just think. I don’t ever think about anything in particular, I just get out and wonder what life would be like if my parents had owned a restaurant or something. Or if I was an only child. Random musings. I just need to get out of the space I am otherwise stuck in. Stuck in the stoppage summer brings to the normal structure of school, stuck at home doing nothing, stuck in between two siblings who are doing better things than me. When you’re older sister is a track star and head of the yearbook staff, and your younger sister is always working on her art, going to an endless amount of painting classes and entering competition after completely useless competition, you get squished out. When I am home, all I do is lay on my bed and zone out to the melancholy sound that is The Shins. And I get in scolded anyways, because it’s not productive enough. So I walk away, and leave it all there. The only problem is, it’s always waiting there for me when I get back.

It’s 10:40 now.

My hand rests on the garage doorknob.

I turn.


slightly edited, but originally published on october 18, 2015 |

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